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  • How do I plant the Bios Urn?
    The urn is divided into 2 capsules: - Top capsule is the sealed lid that contains the soil mix and expansion disc - Lower capsule is where you put the ashes Steps: 1. Fill the lower capsule with ashes TIP: If you're only using a portion of the ashes, be sure to fill the remainder of the Bios Urn with soil from the surrounding area to fill in the excess space 2. Close the lower capsule with the upper capsule by sealing it into place, twisting it slightly to the side 3. Choose a spot where you want to plant your urn TIP: If you're planting large trees, like Acacia or Mahogany, find a spot at least 15 feet away from any house or large structure 4. Plant your Bios Urn! Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the urn. Generally around 15-16 inches is a good depth, with a width of 10-12 inches. Plant the Bios Urn inside, leaving the soil surface a couple of fingers above the top of the urn. TIP: Water the entire hole before you plant the Bios Urn. This will help begin the biodegradation process. 5. Remove the seal from the top capsule and unpack the components (soil expansion disc, growth medium, seeds). Place the expansion disc at the bottom of the top capsule then add the growth medium. We recommend adding additional soil above the growth medium. Place the seeds on the very top and cover them with only a small amount of soil (1/4 inch is generally sufficient). 6. Cover the Bios Urn with soil from the surrounding area, and thoroughly water the spot you have planted it. There should be around 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of soil on top of the seeds (make sure you don't place too much on top!) TIP: Bury the entire urn. Nothing should be exposed. Remember: TLC! All living things require some basic tender loving care
  • Is there an expiration date?
    Nope. The Bios Urn doesn't have an expiration date, so you can save it for as long as you want. If you don't plan on using the urn anytime soon, we recommend replacing the seed prior to planting.
  • Is the urn 100% biodegradable?
    Yes. The Bios Urn completely biodegrades into the soil and is made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.
  • Can I use ashes from another urn?
    Yes. The Bios Urn can be used with ashes saved from another urn. You can also bring the Bios Urn to a crematorium or funeral home so they can transfer the ashes for you.
  • Can it be used for pets?
    Yes! The Bios Urn is created for both humans and pets, so your furry four-legged pal can still be with you in the afterlife. There is no difference to the urn's shape, color, and price.
  • What kind of seed can I use?
    The Bios Urn works with any type of seed. You can opt to use a seed, seedling, sprout, or young tree. We currently do not offer seeds, but we can suggest places where you could buy.
  • What is the size and capacity of the Bios Urn?
    Capacity: 5.8lbs or 2.5L. It’s designed to hold all the ashes that result from cremation. Size: 16x16x32cm | 850gr
  • Do you ship nationwide?
    Yup! Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
  • Do you have a store I can visit?
    Nope. Bios Philippines is an online store based in Metro Manila.

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