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We're on a mission to turn graveyards into forests. ​We redefine life after death

Our philosophy is that our departed loved ones deserve more than being buried 6-feet under. By becoming a tree, we are given the chance to take care of them again while giving life to our planet.


The Bios Urn is a 100% biodegradable urn designed to turn your loved one's ashes into a tree. Inside the box, you will find a pack of soil mix and an expansion disc intended to help your seed grow. 


The urn can be used for humans or pets, and works with any type of seed.


Bios Philippines is an online company authorised by Urna Bios to distribute Bios Urns from Spain to the Philippines. 

Urna Bios is a Spanish company founded by Gerard and Roger Moliné, two brothers who believe design and nature can change the world. Supported by more than 15 years of natural projects, Bios offers a sustainable, and eco-friendly solution to approach an inevitable phase of human life.

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